A Story Of A Clever Scientist - Ayngaran

A Story Of A Clever Scientist – Ayngaran

If you are someone who enjoys watching movies that have mind-blowing twists that keep you wondering till the end, then you must surely enjoy watching  Tamil movies.  The Tamil industry produces a few of the best and most reputable thriller mystery movies.

One such movie that has recently launched and has made a great impact on viewers is Ayngaran. This Tamil movie has won the hearts of the rivers with its interesting and engaging plot. If you are wondering where you can watch this movie, then jump right onto the ahaplatform and watch this movie today.

The cast of Ayngaran

The movie Ayngaran has been written and directed by the famous Tollywood director Ravi Arasu. A few of the most popular Tollywood personalities who are featured in the movie are GV Prakash Kumar, KaaliVenkat, Aruldas, AadukalamNaren, HareeshPeradi, and MahimaNambiar.

The plot of Ayngaran

The storyline of the movie is about a young mechanical engineer who invents a machine that not just saves a 4-year-old baby girl but also unravels a mysterious theft case in the City. The movie begins with the plot of the Mechanical Engineer trying to sell one of his inventions to the public.

However, as his proposal kept on getting rejected, the invention started to serve no purpose. Rejection becomes a common affair for the lead and drives him into madness. However, further, into the movie, it is also noticed that he falls in love with a girl. Watch the movie to learn what happens next in their lives.

What to expect from Ayngaran

The movie is presented in such a manner that it touches on several aspects of human emotions. It portrays the humble life of an innocent man. Even though the movie has quite action and suspense throughout, it also sends a strong social message to all its viewers.

Each character present in the movie is extremely well written and presented. Watch this movie today just on aha.

Watch the Crime Thriller Movie.

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